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Ashley Rodriguez

Ashley's passion for television and entertainment started at the very young age of 5. Her parents always advised her to pursue a degree in whatever she wanted and it was not until she became of age that she started to look deeply into pursing broadcasting as her chosen career path. She always knew that whatever she chose to do as a career, she just wanted to be happy doing it and found no better way to accomplish that happiness than by combining her love for sports and T.V. entertainment. While starting college, she interned at LSC-TV as an anchor, reporter, and news assistant. After her internship, she challenged her writing creativity as a sports columnist for 365 Rundown Sports. Ashley has been inspired and mentored by reporters such as Mariana Pineda and Lily Jang who both as women encouraged her pursue this attainable dream.

Although Ashley was born in Houston, TX. she is a proud daughter of Mexican parents which have always instilled a proud Hispanic heritage in her. Ashley's first language is Spanish (in which she is fluent). Through the advantage of being bilingual, she has had many opportunities presented to her and had the blessing to work with many people of different backgrounds. She encourages all people who speaks different language to apply it in their daily jobs and lives -all to make the world a better place.

Aside from her sports and broadcasting accomplishments, Ashley Rodriguez was crowned as Miss U.S. Houston and is also a published model. She is a fitness junkie and has an eagerness to travel the world. Her wishes include to be more active on mission trips in hopes to change and touch people's lives in unimaginable ways. She also wishes (in the future) to challenge her talents outside of broadcasting and into the business entrepreneurship world. Ashley's passion for God's love and will, family, friends, animals, community outreach, beauty, fitness, all contribute to who she is and all of what she hopes to accomplish in the future.

Ashley is currently finishing up her BA in Communications- News Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Business Entrepreneurship at the University of Houston.

"If it doesn't come from Him, I don't want it. All of my  success, all of who I am and what I have, goes to the glory of God." - Ashley Rodriguez April 2015 

Favorite Quote: "The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling." -unknown